How To Identify Spreading Superbugs Early Using “Maya Infection Control Monitor”

Right now – all over the world – there is a threat superior and powerful enough to end all of humankind. The problem is, it’s microscopic, nearly invulnerable – and we created it.

They’re called superbugs, and they’ve grown out of our own scientific misdeeds. Superbugs are bacteria that have evolved resistance to antibiotics. Antibiotics, as prescribed by a doctor, can be used to fight off infections and illnesses caused by bacteria in humans and animals.

The problem is, just like a natural selection, bacteria fight back. Antibiotics kill off all week are bacteria first, which leaves stronger strains of bacteria with no competition, and more room to repopulate and evolve.

As the bacteria get exposed to more and more antibiotics, they develop a resistance by building better shields, changing their targets, or by protecting themselves. Bacteria will accomplish this resistance by making small random changes in their DNA, and teaching those changes to other local bacteria via plasmids. After enough changes occur, and the antibiotics are no longer effective, a superbug is born.

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Dr Maya App is for people like you. Before consulting a doctor, or visiting hospital please check, so that you can reduce wasted consultation, cost, time and cross infcetions. This is not a simple symptom checker, nor a diagnostic tool that ask you to answer questions. Once you register and add the name of your local doctor /GP/Family physician you create a net work to ease communication. Continue reading

Learn To Live And Let Live – Bacteria Will Get You

It was shocking to hear scientist, microbiologist and pharmaceutical companies from all over the world debate about methods to fight infection. Not one offered any hope of offering a new drug or treatment that can help us fight infection and they did not even consider alternate methods or technology to help reduce spread and death rate.

They are still talking about hand washing, hand cream and blood tests to diagnose as a very important method. Are they not aware dry hands and nurses and doctors using hand washing gel, cream or solutions more than 9 times a day are all colonized with resistant bacteria in their hand?

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Zika Virus Patent Protected By Rockefeller Foundation In 1947

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 22.01.01

It is true, J. Casals, Rockefeller Foundation has protected this virus with a patent.

It is interesting the spread of virus occurred in South America when ATCC i´has no office. Was any person or lab responsible for contaminating the country. Media has not high lighted this nor sharing information about this virus. Initially this was patented in 1947.

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Major Threat To Airlines And Globalisation

Dr Maya in Flight-2

This is not based on hypothesis nor published to scare you but we are sharing practical problems doctors are likely to encounter in the near future. Reading this blog may not be easy for some people but you must understand the life of healthcare workers are threatened and so I feel I must share information to help.

I realized the problem we doctors who travel in long haul flights can encounter and so wish to share my thoughts and experience. The cabin crew and the Airlines must be aware of the problem and think hard before a major crisis occurs.

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Dr Maya – Fighting Infections Saving Lives

Please download my App using the link and help create a network of doctors and their patients. Read the article to understand are

Promoting self care can be highly beneficial to the healthcare providers, prevention of infection spreading in our community all over the world. Minor illnesses form 18% of the general practitioner workload and cost the NHS £1.9bn (€2.2bn; $2.9bn) a year in UK. Self care of minor illnesses has not changed over the years. More than half (5 2%) of people with a new minor ailment self treated and 22% did nothing and 62% visited a doctor.

Humanity is threatened by emerging viral infections like Ebola and treatment resistant infections. Centre for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations and advice like washing hands, cleaning hospitals, reducing antibiotic abuse and completing the course of treatment has not slow down the rate of spread. One infection that caused us grief in 1980, has now successfully trained eighteen bacteria, numerous viruses, fungus and even parasites develop resistant to chemicals, antibiotic, antiviral and anti-parasite drugs.

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Bring Tears Of Happiness

We have seen patients developing minor and serious complications because they did not consultation a doctor early, due to fear of cost, cross infections or received false reassurance from nurse or chemist. If the symptom cannot be managed at home or in primary care, Maya will advice you to go to hospital as an emergency.

Medical Advise You Access

After several years planning and research, we compiled a list of common symptoms that make people anxious to consult doctors. We found, more than 70% of patients consulting a doctor as emergency did not have serious illness that required clinical examination, tests or referred to specialist in hospital.

“Knowledge Of Health Is Knowledge Of Life”

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New Strain Ecoli In China Resistant To All Known Antibiotics

Chenni in India is under water, crocodiles and snakes are free from zoo and said to be swimming in the flood waters. This is very obvious but what people don’t se are the bacteria from sewers, eggs of parasites and bacteria that are multiplying in the trenches.

All that we need is one China man carrying the new strain of Escherichia coli that is resistant to colistin, the antibiotic of last resort for gram-negative bacteria such as E. coli. This resistant bacteria were found in pigs, raw pork meat, and in a small number of people in China. This nasty bug is not only resistant but also capable of sharing the gene found on a plasmid, a portable piece of DNA. This plasmids can both transfer within a family of bugs and to other families of bacteria as well.

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Negligence, Medical Ethics And Relegion

The duty of a doctor is to protect human rights and dignity of the patient Physician’s must “Disobey Law” that demand “Un-Ethical Behavior”


To “Do Something” which A Prudent Man In Similar Situation “Will NOT DO” – Alderson 1843


Not Do Something Which A Prudent Man In Similar Situation “WILL DO


Behaviour indicative Of “WORK ETHICS

You must understand “Diligence” before you can understand all about ethics A Belief That “Work Is Worship”

Steady, earnest, conscientious application of one’s energy to accomplish what have been undertaken Exercise of investing all energy to complete the assigned tasks.

  • Continue to work hard and vigilant
  • Avoid errors and stay focused on the task
  • Pays careful attention to details
  • Dedicated to achieving quality results.
  • Committed to transform vision into reality. Work hard towards goal. My Vision: “Bring Tears Of Happiness”

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