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The mission of our foundation is to create projects that help us bring in cash flow to help support innovations. A social enterprise to support entrepreneurs with disruptive technologies that contribute to make lives of millions of people all over the world.

We are not a religious organisation but believe in the power of universe. We will offer our help to humanitarian projects that do not attract venture capitalists, angel funding and all the support necessary. We have suffered because we followed the route that only stiffels progress and prevent us deliver innovations that benefit us in the long run.

We believe in making people contribute,innovations, products and commercialise projects that benefit less fortunate and people with visible and non-visible disability and make the feel proud and be happy.

Vision of a “Devine Mother” who was fortunate to have all the materialistic pleasure of life yet sad because she was not able to bring in changes in the world she dreamt.


Sweekar Institute of Rehabilitation

As a doctor working with children for almost thirty years in UK, I have seen how doctors give more importance to help parents and their emotional and physically challenged children are supported. Here in India, I was surprised to hear from mothers of children with physical and mental illness are isolated, found upon and so suffer in silence.

The members of medical profession, politicians and people in power have not established institutions nor helped support multi-speciality child development centres to offer their service.

I spend three days with parents, teachers and students to learn more about this institute and so recorded this video. I hope this presentation will not only high light the problem but also shame paediatricians, doctors and politicians for ignoring this branch of medicine. Its shameful to boost about economic prosperity knowing they have neglected care of children. The parents who suffer in silence are poor, and so often cannot pay nominal fee to help educate their children, The country does not provide legal aid to help parents claim compensation and so the doctors are scot free while parents and children suffer.

Sweekaar, is the only centre in india where teachers, councillors and parents are trained to take care of children with emotional, mental and physical disability. Majority of NGOs in India are care homes taking care of children with physical debility and does not offer counselling service, physiotherapy, education or diagnosis of rare illness.

Please help and support this institute to equip, expand and make service available through out India. It is our moral and ethical duty to make sure children with visible and non-visible learning disabilities are diagnosed early and managed well. Please watch this video and share the link.

Please note, the threat of micro-organisms is real. You and us are vulnerable, and so will soon start seeing friends and family contracting infection will develop deafness, visually impaired or physically scarred.

We cannot find a new antibiotic to fight infection nor prevent spread, so th only option is to train more teachers and carers to help support people who are unlucky to contract antibiotic resistant bacterial or emerging infections.



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