When your child or you are unwell, you often think of visiting a doctors. Patients are often visiting A&E, Walk-in-clinics or demanding emergency appointment not realizing they are wasting time, money and abusing antibiotics.

Some patients are offended when the doctor tells them they have a minor illness and complain against the doctorif they their expectations are not met.

Medical literature does not have a chapter named “Common Ailment” but is used by non-medically trained person.

More than half of people with a new minor ailment treated themselves, but 22% did nothing. Sixty-two percent of people with a minor illness received a prescription; 48% with a new symptom visited their GP.

We found 78% of patients consulting doctors actually had no illness that required doctor’s. Only 16% of the patients visiting a doctor required to be clinically examined.

You often pay or spend £60-£80 to ask or consult a doctor but this could rapidly escalate depending on the doctors experience, your perception of the illness and emotional stability.expectations are not met.

It is estimated to cost tax payer £16 per phone call made by get medical adviceand £120 per consultation .

This is not only draining increasing cost of providing emergency care but also likely to increase spreading bacterial infections in the community.


You can learn about the symptoms and know how unwell you are before rushing to consult a doctor or a nurse in the hospital.

This will  help not only hep you but also the doctor who can offer some help.

This will reduce the cost of travel, parking, waiting and reduce the risk of cross contaminations and abusing antibiotics.


When surgeries are closed and A&E departments are full patients have no option but to call NHS Direct or visit a walk-in clinic or hospital.

We are offering an alternative and will help save the cost of a phone call, travel, car park and the time.

You will be able to  use the mobile app even when you are away on holiday, so why waste money on phone call or visit healthcare professionals if you can find the treatment in the local chemist?

Receptionists and booking clerk will only offer appointments to patients who may require clinical examinations, investigations and before offering treatment.

Price: $10
Free Shipping in UK

Parents often told us they could not find the book or information they need and so called the emergency service for advice. We developed a Fridge magnet with all the symptoms we listed in our study and in this app.

People who have no access to computer, mobile phone or PDA will find our Fridge Magnet Helpful. This is designed to stay in a place like the Kitchen Fridge or any metallic board.

Price: Free
For Registerd Users

Set of printed cards of symptoms we used in our study can also be used at home or at office. This set of cards can be used in rural area, forest, borders (Army base), Crusie liners and by air lines to decide the severity of the problem.

Please send us a message requesting the set of cards FREE. We will email you a PDF file that contain all the cards you need



We have now created an App that contains information  about the symptoms and also disease.

Our Apps  (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry and Android) will be made available for registered users and is not available in the internet or App stores.

The reason we request you to register is because our mission is to help people and not allow registered user to offer advice to others. The number of conditions or illness we have listed along with the information can make you work like a doctor.

You will have the relevant information about symptoms, updated evidence based information and options about tests and treatment.

Doctors and hospitals could request us to provide our apps to distribute to their patients and staff. We will offer to link the database to their own doctor and also help doctors to organise their appointment system.


This software can be used by surgeries, clinics, health centre and hospitals and by registered doctors to help organize their appointment.

The programmer is designed to help reducing wasted consultations and did not arrive (DNA).

Nurses working in your surgery will find this software useful because they will not be expected to deal with conditions they are not trained to. This will reduce their anxiety and reduce delay in diagnosis of serious illness.

The software will also educate nurses and they will perform better in the interest of patients.

Maya will identify symptoms they must discuss with a doctor to help prevent complication. The pharmacists may use our tool to offer advice and treatment.

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