Brachystegia eurycoma seed

Please Read This Before You Get involved in this scam. I have was drawn in to get involved because I trusted my friend called Mamta.

In February 2015, Mamta contacted me to inform about a seed that some drug companies are struggling to buy. Shortage of these seeds has resulted in serious problem and production of products has reduced.



Dear Valued Customer,
Thank you for your inquiry about Brachystegia eurycoma seed, I’m attaching some photos of very high quality Brachystegia eurycoma seed bellow, as per price we sell at 15000/- (Fifteen thousand Rupees) per sachet and 10 (Ten) sachets of 40 grams each make up 1 (one) pack of 400gram which is 1.50 lakhs (One lahk fifty thousand Rupees) per pack of 400 gram, my supply capacity at the moment is as many as you want. My terms and conditions of supply are as follows (1) Payment and take the material on the spot (2) Payment to my designated bank account and receive the material at any address you will provide, within 48 hrs no shipping charge. Note: I am a wholesaler, i sell the product per pack not per sachet. Thank you.

Sandeep Chaddha
Seeds Image 1.jpg

The reason why i did not wrote to you today was because i do not have time for arguments, since we started this business it’s from one question to another once clarify you the next minute another question will come, i must say that i have never done any business/transaction that gives me this kind of stress because i have to write more then 5mails to you in day which is not suppose to be so as i have another things doing

If i may ask are you looking for someone to linked with on Linked-in or you want to do business? how can you go about searching peoples profiles and biodata? As it stand right now i am already having headache because of your too many questions on delay basis and at this moment i am not ready to answer further questions, you don’t know anything about this particular business so you should only follow my instruction and stop asking too many questions because i had already made you to understand everything yet everyday is a new question

I don’t do fake transaction/business if Paul Anderson is not the purchase offer i wouldn’t have asked you to proceed with this business because i do not want to lose my money as well, you should listen to whatever i tell you concerning this business because i am not here for children play i don’t understand the reason why you cannot trust me, asking all those question simply mean that you have no trust on me because if you trust me you should do whatever i ask you to do without any doubt

I may not be able to answer further questions regarding this business and i will not beg you to proceed so if you are willing to next step is meeting the dealer buy the samples and we shall proceed from there.



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