Here is an article how we human are conned by stupid people who think they are winning. One of my friend in England, asked me to buy I was asked to buy BRACHYSTEGIA EURYCOMA SEED from a man named Sandeep Chadha. The way he was behaving made me suspicious, and so I informed my friend. She happens to be a very educated banker and is very sensible. Trusting her instinct, I went ahead and acquired the seeds.

The buyer who was to collect the seeds did not turn-up, so I was left with seeds that I cant get rid of nor use it. The seller Sandeep Chadha has disappeared. I am unable to communicate because he is not answering phone calls or replying my email. The police department in India is not good and they are useless.

I decided to publish this page because I do not want others to be conned by this gang of criminals. Please email me a note or let me know who this man is. I will forward information to police and will certainly offer you handsome reward.

Sundeep Chadha



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