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NHS 111 helpline is said to be struggling and ‘failing to meet targets’,” says The Guardian, along with much of the media. This new health helpline, was mainly designed using nurses observation and not with help of doctors who worked in hospitals managing only critically ill patients, triaged patients, trained doctors and nurses for almost 30 years.

It is “Next To Impossible” to differentiate “Serious” from “Not-So Serious” illness based on observation. As doctors we have seen patients walk into A&E and die the same evening but have also seen patients who looked very ill turned out to be a mellingerer.

I have been made to suffer for defending patient care and will endowed all the pain to help prevent people like you suffer pain, complication and death. I raised concern about this and identified numerous problems in 2004 but the politicians and the people in power did not act to stop this project move forward. The nurses were adamant they could cope and take over the role and work as doctors.

Maya was created in 2007 with a mission to help receptionist organize appointment to consult doctors and not nurses in the surgery. Unfortunately the nurses knowing this tool could kill their project before it is established did all they can to “Nip it in the bud” 

A senior nurse consultant told me that “I was trying to push her back into the coffin”, and so they imposed a “Punitive Sanction” instigated complaints and tried hard to “Push me into a coffin” but FAILED. Now the very same nurses are pushing people into the coffin.


Please use this FREE simple method and do not waste your time waiting for NHS 111 operator or nurse to advice you what to do.

If your call is transfer to a doctor, they will go through the same questions before offering any suggestion. If Maya advice you to go to A&E, Consult a doctor, speak to a doctor “PLEASE DO”

I do not want to see another video or article stating “You did not know what to do but was waiting to get through to NHS 111 and so your husband, mother, father, child or friend died”

Please leave your message and forward this link to all your friends and family and make sure you stay healthy and away from hospitals, nurses, doctors and surgery…

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