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You are here because MAYA refereed you. Here you will find answers to some common q
uestions and suggestion about and information about management.
If you need to know the possible causes of the specific symptoms, please consult your own doctor. We do not advice or encourage you to contact us because we have shared all the information thatwe have and know this will help you reduce anxiety and confusion. If you think we have missed or you do not understand, please leave a message below and we will update the information.
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Greek word (accident, misfortune) meaning a departure from normal function or feeling which you noticed or experienced. This may or may not be the diagnostic sign indicating the presence ofdisease or abnormality.

A symptom is subjective, observed by people like you, and cannot be measured.

The majority of symptoms and the history of the word are related to malady.

The proper word for such situations would be “indication” or “suggestion” or simply “sign”.

Symptoms do make you very uncomfortable and so you access information via internet or books.

This information overload often makes you more anxious and so you rush to consult doctors and waste money by performing expensive investigations.

Views on common diseases as seen in primary and secondary medical care vary and depend on the primary care physician or nurse’s training and experience of interpreting symptoms and signs. Mastering this skill takes years of training, practice and passion to heal.

Well-trained doctors have in depth pathological, pharmacological, differential diagnosis of the disease and so will offer treatment only when necessary.

Tests and other expensive investigations do not offer diagnosis; neither does the treatment that cure.

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Do We Need All The Equipments, Devices and The Tests To Diagnose Common Illness?

Good physicians can diagnose common illness based on history of presentation, observation, percussion and palpation.

Auscultation (stethoscope)  , Auto scope, purcussion hammer and also routine blood tests are used to confirm the diagnose.

Only 16% of patients seen by doctors in our study were clinically examined. This includes looking at a rash. Using this knowledge and experience, we created Maya.

  • Call 999 This is all about medical emergencies. We are not publishing information about the conditions but a simple list to help decide when to call 999.Learn more
  • Fever Is a a common symptom which makes parents get worried. Please read all about fever and follow the advise offered by Maya. Fever on its own is not useful for doctors to diagnose and advice treatment…..
  • Cold Rhinitis, Nasal congestion is often called “Cold”. This is not a specific disease and has no treatment. We think this was the old name of Asthma: Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease. …
  • Cough Is a reflex to help us clear secretions from the lungs. This is not a disease and does not mean to say you have chest infection..
  • Throat Sore throat is one of the most common cause for antibiotic abuse. It is very difficult for doctors to re-educate and discourage antibiotics. Please read all about this symptom…
  • Rash is now become a major problem to diagnose and treat. It is important to know the skin infections are contagious and you must keep away from people who have skin infections…
  • Diarrhoea Diarrhoea and vomiting often is common but often managed badly in primary care. Too many people are happy to advice and so result in prolonging the illness. The common cause of diarrhoea is chemicals in food..
  • Head Ache Common cause of headache is probably sinus congestion or refered pain from ears, teeth and throat. Every patient with this symptom MUST be clinically examined by a doctor.
  • Ear Ear pain is a common symptom. Doctors in UK seem to have forgotton how to examine the ear properly. Please watch the video and see how American doctors examine ears.This is the most common cause for prescribing antibiotics in UK
  • Eyes Eye infection used to be easy to manage in the past but now getting more difficult to treat. This is because the infection si treated with low dose of antibiotics drops are used
  • Uro Genital Urine, Bladder and genital problems are not only very uncomfortable but also embarrassing for you and the doctors to deal with….
  • Some symptoms are embarrasing for teenagers, men and women to consult. This list will offer some advice and how you could avoid consultation that you can help yourself..
  • Vomiting Vomiting is a very important common symptom that must be managed very carefully. If this symptom is associated with diarrhoea it is easy to mange, if not difficult to diagnose and treat. Please read all about
  • Teenagers Sexually transmitted disease like Syphilis, Gonnorhoea, are becoming difficult to treat and spreading rapidly. This page will be updated with information to help our young children..
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