All about clinical examination, why and how this “Art Of Diagnosis” has been stolen and abused by non-medically trained professionals. Physicians have also abused this tool to reassure or convince and emotionally deceive patients to help increase their income.

79% of doctors in USA were said to have initiated investigations simply to boost their income. I will be publishing all the information and also critisisng the way medical profession has given more importance and encouraged dependence of tests to support their diagnosis.

Clinical examination has also been used by patients to make false accusations that were sexual in nature. Knowing how difficult it is for doctors to perform embarrassing clinical examinations, it makes me sad when patients make false allegations  that can be humiliating and embarrassing to good doctors for doing their job.

The cases I have collected will be published in this page to educate doctors and patients.

I do not plan to publish the names and contact information about the patients in this blog. As a doctor, I will be establishing contact with the patients and obtaining their consent before I publish their story or documents. The information I publish may directly or indirectly help media identify the patients and so seeing their story published in this blog or media may find it very embarrassing.

I have tried all that I can to defend the welfare of fellow human but have not received any help or support. As I do not have any choice to tell speak out the truth in public, I have created this blog to help me “Bring Back The Lost Human Face Of Medicine”. We must  stop people in power abusing their power to destroy the life and career of doctors who defend their profession and help to protect their fellow human.

I will be blogging articles on the following topics

Common Sense Diagnosis Of Common Illness

  1. Fever     
  2. Cough   
  3. Sore Throat
  4. Ear Pain
  5. Rash
  6. Diarrhea
  7. Vomiting
  8. Lumps
  9. Head Ache
  10. Heart Murmur
  11. Diagnosing illness in babies
  12. Pregnancy
  13. Infection
  14. Inflammation
  15. Tummy Pain
  16. Antibiotics
  17. Travel advice
  18. Cough
  19. Chest Infection
  20. Clinical Examination
  21. Diagnosis of ilness
  22. Virus Infection
  23. Bacterial Infection
  24. Fungus Infection
  25. Urinary Infection
  26. Chronic Illness
  27. Jaundice
  28. Joint Pain
  29. Injuries and sepsis
  30. Antibiotic resistant Bacterial Infections
  31. Blocked Nose
  32. Allergy
  33. Immunity
  34. Vaccinations – controversy
  35. Transplants and its problem
  36. Steroid Treatment
  37. Cancer Treatment
  38. Doctors
  39. Chemist
  40. Nurses
  41. Depression
  42. Anxiety
  43. Mental Illness
  44. Children Illness
  45. Death and How to cope

Please leave a message or comment requesting me to write about any symptom that you like to learn about:

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