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1.   Healthcare is all about trust and care. This tool was developed with a passion to protect you from wrongdoings.

2.   We have used this simple method to help differentiate between minor ailments and serious illnesses for almost thirty years and have never failed to identify the cause, nor have we ever inflicted pain and suffering.

3.   Our mission is to reduce anxiety and complication due to delay in diagnosis. Helping you consult the a a doctor and get the correct diagnosis & treatment when necessary. The knowledge you acquire after you use this tool will help you identify short or long term complications that occur due to mistakes committed by a medical and non-medically trained professionals. 

4.   We have taken meticulous care, tested this hypothesis for almost six years after using this method to triage junior doctors, nurses and patients for almost twenty five years and found it is safe.

5.   We sincerely hope our work will help your family and you. In return we expect YOU NOT TO HOLD US LIABLE for harm (physical, psychological or financial) that you think may have occurred directly or indirectly after using our tools.

6.   This tool is NOT DESIGNED TO DIAGNOSE any illness nor do we offer a list of symptoms. However, understand more about combination of symptoms is more important to reduce your anxiety, costs and prevent short and long term complications. 

7.   You will not use our tools to offer advice to friends are relatives. Patients who consult us often do not give a good history and often conceal some important symptom and so can be missleading.

8.   We are different from other websites or apps that provide a list symptoms and disease to help educate you or link to doctors that offer advice.

9.   Doctor, nurses and receptionists working in family practice will find our tool helpful to reduce demand but we do not advice you to use this tool to offer advice to others.

10.   If you are not sure, do not believe in what we offer or do not accept this disclaimer, please do not register or use our system. We hope you will remain happy, healthy and enjoy your life.

11. We are NOT OFFERING advice to an individual registered user, nor providing you with a long list of symptoms that can make you more anxious and worried. We are now not linking you to any doctor that can giving further information or offer consultation.

12. We will be soon offering you a platform “Virtual Surgery” where you will have the option to speak, skype and consult a doctor or specialist. Only registered users will be invited to join and use this service. Please register now and express your interest.


We expect you to be a registered user to help prevent abuse of this service. Please do not login numerous times every day, the software will block your account and you will be banned from using our tool. “We reserve the right to refuse registration

If you are using this tool in your surgery, clinic, hospital or charitable institution, please contact us or send us an email. We will offer an alternative method to login and use the software database to organise your appointments

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