Ear, Throat & Nose (ENT)

Tonsillitis, Sore Throat, Otitis, Red Ears, Cold, Runny nose  or URTI (Upper Respiratory Tract Infection) are some of the common words used in primary care.

When I went through the notes of Gps in various surgeries, I could see why and how people who consult a doctor may not be pleased and demand specialist care.

I hope the articles I publish here will help you learn the important facts and be prepared to help remove the rotten apples from the basket.

Swollen Tonsils

Most children do have swollen tonsils because they are often working hard and filled with white cells learning to fight infections. Babies do not know how to breath through their mouth, the sleep with their mouth open allowing bacteria’s and viruses to enter. Babies & infants introduce objects into their mouth when they are cutting teeth of simply when they are shy.

Some children suck their thumb or dummy until they are 2-3 years old. Millions of bugs live in their hand and will rapidly enter mouth, this is the reason the tonsils have to work harder and so swell up and look as if the throat is going to close.

Some parents insist on getting tonsils taken out but they do not know that the surgeons can only pluck out the top bit but not the roots. This is a very important organ to prevent infection entering your voice box and lungs and so not entirely a good idea to take them out.

Ear Infection or Pain

Except for well-baby visits, ear infections are the most common reason for trips to the pediatrician in the USA. Ear infections affect 2 out of 3 three children in the USA by the age of two and are the most common cause of acquired hearing loss in children. It accounts for nearly half of all antibiotic prescriptions written for children. The cost of treating middle ear infections in the USA has been estimated at over $2 billion a year.

Ear pain or red ear does not mean you have infection and babies pulling the ear does not tell us there is some thing wrong in the ear. Doctors is the past used to use the auto scope and connect them to a hand pump to check for pressure behind the ear drum. This is now not used but most aurascope still have a small nozzle on the body for doctors to attach the hand pump. I am sure your doctor does not know why this nozzle exists nor have they used to check if you really have infection which needs antibiotics.

Please watch this video (below) to learn all about ear infections. Red ear does not mean to say you have infection – you must see how the tympanic membrane moves. Please observe the correct way these two American doctors examined the ear before you start believing what your doctor say and abusing antibiotics….

Red ears drums can occur if the child is crying, after you blow your nose, sneeze or scream loud. Wax present in the ear is not dirty, it is there to prevent insects entry and for protecting your ear drum. When the rear drum is constantly hot due to infection will make the wax melt and so the ear canal is clear.

Pain in one ear often occur because the cannal is blocked due to wax. People often beleive wax is dirty and  use ear buds to clean them or make attempts to remove wax. This is not a good idea because the ticklish sensation you feel when introduce an ear bud to clean will stimulate the glands in your ear to produce wax.

These days, it may not be a good idea to see a doctor to get your ear examined and check if you have ear infection. Bacteria colonises in the instruments, stethoscope, computers and is likely to be present in patents visiting doctors surgery. If you have a viral ear or throat infection, your immunity is likely to be low and so will quickly get secondly infection from other patients or the doctors use un-sterilised equipment, touch computers and then examine your ear using un-sterile auto scope.

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