Tell me and I will forget, Teach me and I will remember, Involve me and I will learn. Benjamin Franklin.

“Health Is Wealth”

Please tell me who is now reaping the benefit? Is it you or me? To tell you frankly, we both are in the same boat, why?

If you want to know the reason, please follow my blog and I will tell you all that I know and learnt working as a doctor in the NHS (UK) in the past thirty years. This will be shocking and I hope you will not waste your hard earned money hoping for a miracle cure.

As a doctor, my first duty is to “Protect fellow human” like you and so will I all that I can. I am not scared of harassment, humiliation, bullying, intimidation, black mail, prosecution, litigation or threats because I have seen them all. I hope the people in power working in the NHS read what I am writing and look at themselves in the mirror and think.

Politicians think their act “Protection of Public Interest Act 1998” will help doctors like me but this does not. It may help people working in a company selling shoe or banks but certainly not doctors. Doctors hold information that are “Confidential” and so it is difficult for them to defend themselves, they work in a closed environment and so are vulnerable and patients are angry about NHS but do not know doctors are not the decision makers and so blame doctors for all the problem they encounter.

In the future doctors working in the NHS will find it hard to defend themselves because they are responsible to choose the service. It looks as if these doctors have not understood their role in the society and their duty. We are not here to sell drugs nor service but simply to alleviate pain and suffering. We are also not GOD to save life but have the knowledge to diagnose illness and help manage them.

How can a doctor like me choose who gets the treatment and who does not? Its like asking me which child I could part with, please watch a movie clip”I Can’t Choose! Sophie’s Choice (1982)” to understand what I am talking about.

“Knowledge of Health is Knowledge of Life”.

As a doctor working in the hospitals, teaching medical student, nurses and junior doctors I have been fortunate to gain knowledge and experience to say I understand what life is all about. I have done my best to share this knowledge and experience with my colleagues, juniors, nurses and some patients but am now going to share this with you.

What Is The Problem?

Medical profession is in a turmoil and become a  battleground where politicians and administrators are struggling for control, claiming modernization of healthcare is essential in the interests of patient care.

Knowing this profession will soon find out the threat of antibiotic resistance is real and there is no way we can claim to find a miracle cure, it is our duty to help prevent spread.

I am not a professor, leader nor a great scientist but some one like you who thinks twice before buying a shirt or a book to read. I am a thinker and think about the future of my daughter and children.

I claim to be a fool because I did not shy away from a situation I was in but raised concern about wrong doings that go on in the NHS (UK). I must say, that I am proud because “I did what I had to do” to help defend my profession because I felt sad and uncomfortable.

No matter what the General Medical Council, British Medical Council or the World Medical Council say, I am a doctor who saw people suffer, collected evidence to prove people have been deceived to think they are getting the best care. If every doctor working in the NHS (UK) shy away and do not share the information that I have collected then we must not claim to be members of the so-called  “Noble Profession“.


GMC Reply for asking help & support

Raising and acting on concerns about patient safety (2012) highlights the duty of all doctors to raise concerns where they believe that patient safety, dignity or care is compromised by the practice of colleagues or the systems, policies and procedures in the places in which they work.

Yes its not been easy but sad because its not only me who had to suffer but the trauma has affected our family. Its not easy for us to isolate our daughter from her friends, move out from the private school, sell our house and move to another country because we feel it is against our principle to work as doctors in an institution that offer sub-standerd care to fellow human that result in pain, suffering and complication.

The World Medical Association will support, and should encourage the international community, the National Medical Associations and fellow physicians to support, the physician and his or her family in the face of threats or reprisals resulting from a refusal to condone the use of torture or other forms of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment

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