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Please Consult Your Doctor if you seriously believe you are very unwell or the symptom you have is not listed in our database.

Maya is a tool that collect only necessary information about your illness to help differentiate common from serious illness.

Serious illness or disease does not mean this is an Emergency but one that must be seen by a doctor NOW.

Doctors will often clinical examine patients with RED symptoms and may request tests before starting treatment.

This is a simple tool based on how doctors think using their knowledge, experience and evidence based medicine and decide to admit or not to admit for treatment in the hospital.

We found healthcare professionals offering advice and treatment using protocol or algorithms is not safe.

Diagnosis and managing medical emergency based on scoring system developed by nurses using their observation is not safe. This not only insulting doctors but also question your intelligence.

Maya was initially designed to help junior doctors working in the hospital. We have modified this to make the tools easy to use, simple and can be accessed any time from all over the world.

We must protect your family and you, and make sure you consult the right medical professionals only when essential. This will help reduce complication that can result in delay to get the correct treatment.

This a FREE service to help you and it is not our intention to harm or provide information that result in physical or mental suffering.

You will not hold us legally responsible for errors or suffering that may occur or assumed to have occurred due to omission or the result of our activity.

Please do not use our tools if you are diabetic or have some rare or chronic illness. You can contact us and ask us before you register.


Using Maya to help you differentiate minor from serious illness is FREE if you are registered.

This tool will help you save cost and reduce the risk of cross infections, drug reactions and medical errors.

The initial advice is free and so can help reduce wasted consultation, time and complication.

Maya will encourage you to consult if you have an illness that could be potentially serious if you delay.

This will reduce complication that can result in prolonged suffering.
Please help us bring back the lost human face of medicine by sharing Maya with family and friends


The symptoms you enter will not be used in any way to compromise confidentiality.


We do not maintain record of your contact, date and time and the symptoms you choose or monitor the advice MAYA offered.

You may request us the data stored in the server as per the Data Protection Act.

The information you provide us when you register will not be published or shared without your consent.

We may use the data to analyse, conduct research but will not publish your name or share information without your consent.





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