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 When you or your child has fever, runny nose, cough and feeling weak, what do you do?

– Call NHS 111 or NHS Direct
– Go to surgery, Walk-in-clinic or A&E
– Ask a nurse in the Surgery
– Ask a chemist what to do
– Start treating

More than half of people with similar symptom treated themselves, 48% consulted a doctor but  22% did nothing.

60% of people consulting a doctor or nurse received an antibiotics.

If you are the one “who did nothing” or was reassured by a nurse, paramedic or a chemist – we worry about.


Suppose, you had mild fever and did not think it is serious. Three days later you notice a rash appear on your skin that looks like heat rash. You walk in to a local chemist or walk-in-clinic and was advised to use vaseline and continue paracetamol and drink plenty of water.

Next day you collapsed at home and was taken to hospital. The doctor in the hospital diagonisis severe infection that cannot be treated with normal  antibiotics.

What can you do?

This is what we saw since 2003 when the NHS started allowing nurse-led clinics, walk-in-centers and primary care centers to ease demand.

Our concern was not taken serious. We were harassed, bullied, humiliated and hounded out by the very nurses who claim to be members of a caring profession. Failure to act has only brought shame not only to their own profession but the nation. Patients are blaming the doctors for the failures in the NHS. We have lost trust and respect

Report of 1200 avoidable deaths in Mid-Stafordshire Hospital, Increase in admission of children with snuffles, cold, cough, high fever, sore throat and neglecting old and frail patients speaks volume.  This is said to be due to systematic failure of primary care (GP, out-of-hours, NHS Direct, and A&E) in NHS (UK)

Tell me and I will forget, Teach me and I will remember, Involve me and I will learn . Benjamin Franklin.

The way forward to ease access to healthcare professionals is to use communication technology and re-educate people and help them get involved in the decision making process.

“Knowledge Of  Health Is Knowledge Of Life” and the way forward to make healthcare affordable is by educating you and making you get involved in the decision making process.

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