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We thrived on “Gratitude” and feel happy and proud to offer our service to help alleviate pain and suffering to people like you. Your perceptions of a doctor can be affected by the quality of doctors interaction with other healthcare team members.

Complaints against doctors increased by 40%. GMC reported they received 7000 complaints against doctors.  Its sad to read doctors are made victims to protect the managers, the health care providers and not in the interest of patient care.


Politicians and managers managing supported by few doctors in the NHS introduced nurse-led clinic and walk-in centers to reduce the cost of providing basic healthcare. Articles and publications in journals claim patients are satisfied and so the service must be good. We have not found any document that compares the quality of care, diagnostic skill and treatment to prove this is safe medical practice.

As doctors it is our duty to identify and inform the authorities about malpractice and wrongdoing. Unfortunately doctors who identified wrongdoing have been ostracised. We think it is un-ethical to offer diagnosis and treatment offered to you based on protocol or algorithms because they falls apart and the doctors must be innovative to manage your illness.

The present system expect and force doctors to work like robots and that has resulted in harming people like you and destroying the trust and the human face of medicine.


This so called “evidence-based medicine” has rapidly become the cannon in many hospitals. Treatments outside those statistically proven are considered taboo until a sufficient body of data can be generated from clinical trials. Rigid reliance on evidence-based medicine risks having doctor choose care

Statistics cannot substitute for the human being before you; statistics give averages, individuals are not. Numbers can only complement a physician’s personal experience with a drug or a procedure as well as his knowledge.

This has now destroyed the innovative approach of a caring doctor to a medical problem encountered by people like you but also made doctors rely on investigations and abandon the art of “Clinical Medicine”.


In 1996, young medical students and doctors were offered this as tool to collect patient history. Based on observation documented by nurses and helped by medical students, a new computer based triage system was developed in UK. This is used in NHS Direct to triage patients.

We have been closely monitoring the progress emergency out of hours service since 2003 and found this not a safe method.

Since doctors and patients made numerous complaints and published their findings in medical journals, the government has not acted to protect you


Inflammation is now used as synonymous with infection. The common symptom of inflammation you are aware of are Fever, Pain, Redness and swelling. Infection is one of the million causes of inflammation and often does not require antibiotics. We have seen doctors prescribing antibiotics to treat all sorts of inflammations and so resulting in bacteria developing resistance.

Antibiotics were only invented and widely used since 1940 and anti-fungal drug since the 1960s. We still do not have one good anti-viral drug.

The very micro-organisms that we ignored in the last twenty years are now resistant to all forms of treatment and is likely to be a. major threat to is all. This may sound depressing or negative or pessimistic but its true.

The time has come to look past antibiotics – the wonder drug of 1940s – and find new weapons in the fight against super bugs 
 ” A war we may never win.”


Since 2004, we identified various problems that occurred because the initial advice, diagnosis and treatment offered by nurses or doctors were wrong. This resulted in prolonging your illness, short and long-term complication.

We were unable to stop this method of diagnosis, treatment based on protocol, guidelines or the algorithm implemented.

Our mission is to prevent spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Based on our experience, knowledge and collecting information we  compiled a list of common symptoms that make you very anxious and developed this simple tool called “MAYA”. After testing our hypothesis in various surgery we think “MAYA” will help and educate to prevent wrong doings.

This contribution to designed to help protect your family, you and is easy to use, safe and available free of cost (But not for long)

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