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My work to fight the threat of antibiotic resistant bacterial began on 16th Dec 1989. A mother of a young teenage boy who was is septic shock was angry and said “How is that you doctors say you can transplant heart, lugs and kidney but do not have an antibiotic that can save my son”

Our Mission

To help reduce antibiotic abuse, cross contamination of antibiotic resistant bacteria spread in our community.

Care for families and children and reduce spreading antibiotic resistant bacteria in our community.

To bring back the art of engagement, concern, listening and healing – ” The Lost Human Face Of Medicine 

To offer a combination of our knowledge, experience and hypothetical and scientific approach by offering you our tool called “ MAYA ”.

Help you to share the responsability and boost your confiedence and make you less dependent on medical professionals.


To offer best medical advice, diagnosis and treatment takes years of training and working with very sick people. This is an art and cannot be offered using a protocol or based on guideline.

We have trained doctors, nurses and par-medics our logical approach to arrive at the correct diagnosis before offering treatment. Now we are keen to share this knowledge with you.

Using MAYA, you learn more about differentiating common illness from serious illness and so reduce delay, complications and abuse of antibiotics or investigations that are often not required.

“When patient describes a symptom for which they are seeking professional attention, they are reporting the story of an illness as they have lived and remember”Srivatsa.KM; QHC, Vol 5; 2; 1996

We passionately believe in good history taking, relevant clinicial examination to establish therapeutic relationship is the basis essential to offer advice, alleviating pain and suffering in fellow humans.

Doctors and healthcare providers claimed triumph of science over bacteria, but increasingly are coming up against infections that can be quelled only by the most powerful antibiotics known to medicine – or by none of them.


Doctors have in-depth pathological, pharmacological, differential diagnosis of diseases and will offer treatment if necessary.

Treating infections based on protocol and guidelines is unsafe and unethical and not in the interest of patients or the medical profession.

The common medical problems encountered in primary care in the last twenty years have not changed very much, but the clinical approach and management has.

This change has been partly due to increased pressure on high technology medicine, ignoring the importance of basic clinical examination skill and not using common sense.

It is well to begin with a sense of realistic humility and to remind ourselves that even in our present state of advanced medical technology, our potential for relief is great with wide scope for medication and physical methods.

As caring doctors with access and availability for patients to consult us, we must endeavour to use each consultation as an opportunity for support and comfort and not offer to prescribe.

While prevention of disease must be a goal, it must be realised that the doctor’s role must be to motivate and educate patients about their own responsibilities for health maintenance as well as organising primary prevention programmes.

We hope you will use MAYA and have all the information to help identify and reduce wrongdoings, diagnosis, over-enthusiastic tests and treatment.

It is important to help reduce cost of care. ease access to help us bring back the lost human face of medicine.

The Bacterial Scare Is All Too Real

This has proved just how vulnerable we are despite all our scientific know-how and advances in medicine . The very technology we’ve created to help us live more comfortably and, yes, often healthier lives will soon turn around andbite us – hard…

Encouraging teenagers to visit, preventing children and healthy adults visiting healthcare centres with minor ailments, is mandatory to prevent spreading infection. These bacteria are resistant, not only to antibiotics, but also to antiseptics, and are a major threat in our community.

WHO & CDC published data showing RESISTANT Gonococci infection (sexually transmitted disease) has now doubled and is likely to spread rapidly all over the world.

We are concerned this infection is often difficult to identify early because the symptoms exists for few days and the infected patient may not even know they are the carriers. Our APP is designed to help educate our teenagers…

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