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Please note we supply products to companies and institutions and not taking orders from individuals. These are medical products and is not available in the shops. The tool can be dangerous if non medically trained people are allowed to use. This is one of the reason we request you to register and insist on watching video presentation.

Registerd users may contact us and request some products they are interested. We will consider each request and offer them FREE of cost.

Patients are often visiting A&E, Walk-in-clinics or demanding emergency appointment not realizing they are wasting time, money and abusing antibiotics.

Some patients are offended when the doctor tells them they have a minor illness and complain against the doctorif they their expectations are not met.

It is estimated to cost tax payer £16 per phone call made by get medical adviceand £120 per consultation .

This is not only draining increasing cost of providing emergency care but also likely to increase spreading bacterial infections in the community.


First we need to understand the psychology of these patients and then look for a solution. This is what we did and so developed MAYA that can be used by patients, doctors and nurses.

The products we produced can be used by people all over the world, rich or poor, educated or illiterates and visual and people with poor hearing.

The duty of doctor is to diagnose the illness early with a view to prevent or reduce complication. Its an illusion to believe doctors know how to cure the illness.

Patients can learn about the symptoms before rushing to consult a doctor or a nurse in the hospital. This will  help patients and doctors.

We patients can reduce the cost of travel, parking, waiting but also help doctors quickly telling the symptoms rather than the diagnosis (I have flu, migraine, cold, chest infection and viral infections).

Receptionists and booking clerk will only offer appointments to patients who may require clinical examinations, investigations and before offering treatment.

Using our website, MAYA will help educate patients understand medical symptoms, disease, prevention and treatment.

You will also learn to differentiate between minor and serious symptoms and help you reduce wasted time, delays in diagnosis and cost…


When surgeries are closed and A&E departments are full patients have no option but to call NHS Direct , 111 or visit a walk-in clinic or hospital.

We are offering an alternative and will help save the cost of a phone call, travel, car park and the time.

You will be able to access our website, even when you are away on holiday, so why waste money on phone call or visit healthcare professionals if you can find the treatment in the local chemist?

People who have no access to computer, mobile phone or PDA will find our Fridge Magnet Helpful.

This is designed to stay in a place like the Kitchen Fridge or any metallic board.

The Printed cards can be used in rural area, forest, borders (Army base), Crusie liners and by air lines to decide the severity of the problem.

The present method of calling 999 /100 / 111 or 112 is not sustainable due to cost and demand.

Paying £3.70 to seek advice in UK is not fair and must be treated as un-ethical. Its is the duty of doctor to help alleviate pain and suffering and must never be commercialized in the interest of fellow human.

We have also developed a portable kit, fridge magnets and cards Our APPs are the best tools that will help bring in changes.

As a patient you save cost and doctors we can spend more time with patients who need our knowledge and experience.

Only 24% of patients who came to consult actually required doctors opinion of which only 16% patients required some form of clinical examination (including examination of a rash).


We have now compiled a database and produced the first App (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry and Android) to help you find out if you are very unwell.

People who register in our website will be able to access the site via phone or Wifi and login and use MAYA.

If you use the tool more often, our software will block you and your registration will be cancelled.

The reason we request to register is because our mission is to help people and not allow registered user to offer advice to others.

Users will have information about symptoms, updated evidence based information and options about tests and treatment.

Doctors and hospitals could request us to provide our apps to distribute to their patients and staff. We will offer dedicated link to our database for patients registered in your surgery.

This will help doctor organise their appointment system better.


Using information and advice we could reduce demand up to 60% without compromising the quality of care.

We will provide you with dedicated database to tailor the advice and set criteria to your requirement.

The software can be accessed by your patients from all over the world and so help maintain continuity of care.

You will be able to prescribe (personalised) and dispense drugs even when you are away on holiday


Nurses working in your surgery will find this software useful because they will not be expected to deal with conditions they are not trained to.This will reduce their anxiety and reduce delay in diagnosis of serious illness.

The software will also educate nurses, receptionists and patients and ease communications. Patients can use the code if the symptoms are embarrasing.

Maya will identify symptoms they must discuss with a doctor to help prevent complication.

The pharmacists may use our tool to offer the right advice and treatment.

Nearly half the 51.4 million consultations were generated by people aged between 16 and 59 years. Cost of care in the UK is said to be £60-£70 billion/year and set to rise.

Registered users will also learn how to differentiate minor from serious illness, manage minor illness, reduce stress in the family and, in particular, care for children and the elderly.

By reducing wasted consultation time, doctors are likely to spend more time listening to your report of the problem and that will help us bring back the lost human face of medicine.

The Royal College of GPs’  letter “ Self care Campaign ” states “a shift in behavior around treating minor ailments could save the NHS this money without any cuts to services whatsoever


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