Maya Virtual Surgery

Virtual Surgery
This is a new concept that use Maya to as the receptionist to help you reduce wasted consultation, cost and abusing antibiotics.

In our study we found 78% of patients seen as emergency could have received the same advice and treatment offered by nurses in the walk-in-clinic or the local chemist.

Only 16% of patients were clinically examined. This includes looking at a rash, lump or prescribing drugs that are available in the pharmacy.

Our mission is to reduce wasted consultation so that we could concentrate and offer the best service you expect. Doctors will follow strict guidelines and not cash in when you are emotionally unstable and in distress.


Is more than symptom checkers and Ask A Doctor Service offerd via internet. The fee you pay to access information or speak to a doctors is less than the amount you spend to access NHS Triage service, travel to hospital or surgery.

We are using advances in communication technology to offer medical consultation and advice to people who are anxious, worried about medical illness or symptoms.

You will find all the information you need to shoulder responsibility and manage your illness better.


The major problem in the NHS(UK) was because some doctors and nurses working in primary care in UK had not acquired the clinical skill to   differentiate minor from serious illness.

Now the doctors are thinking of developing a tool to help in-experienced doctors decide who is well and who is unwell.

Maya is the tool that doctors could use but we are offering this to you because we think you are smart enough to do what some doctors or nurses will be using in the future.

How Is This Different?

Maya will act as the receptionist and advice you to consult a doctor or go to hospital.
When Maya advice you to speak to a doctor, you can speak to your doctor or call NHS 111 and ask them to put the call through to a doctor.
If you are finding it hard to establish contact with a doctor, please click on the link below.
You will be expected to provide doctors the information they need to decide what and how they can offer the best advice you can get.

Filling the Pre-consultation assessment sheet will reduce the time you spend on discussing. The doctors will know your problem and offer the solution.
The information you provide is “Confidential” and will only be received by the doctors and not stored in our server.
By helping  you shoulder the responsibility and get involved in the decision process we expect you to get the best care you deserve.
Maya will reduce visits to A&E, Surgery or Walk-in-centers. This we hope will help us reduce cross contamination of hospital acquired infections and antibiotic abuse.


Please go through Maya and make a note of the code next to each symptom.

You must provide the correct information and contact telephone number to help us call you.

We may request further information if necessary to help us advice or forward information about treatment options. 

Please note the information you provide are all “Confidential” 

The forms you fill in is not stored in the database but sent as an email to the doctors on call. Please make sure you save or print the emails and keep them safe.

Please Do Not Use This As The First Choice or Option.

Access to more information about symptoms and private consultation is only available for Registered Users.

You have to pay donation to establish your are human and not an alien from outer space.
We expect you to donate if you access the virtual surgery information about the of symptoms listed. 

The notes will explain the logic and reason why Maya adviced you to go to A&E, Consult a doctor, Ask A Nurse or A Chemist.

Please fill in the form below and access pages with useful information about the symptoms and Maya’s advice.

Please donate if you think our service helped you.

This is essential to establish your identity and help us maintain this service virtually FREE. 


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