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I have worked as a doctor in paediatric intensive care and neonates all my life (almost 25 years). This page will be used to publish articles that will be useful for young mothers. In thae past I have been answering questions and comments published in other websites but now have created this blog to share information

Discussion About Breast FeedingĀ 

This is discussion about a mother finding hard to breast feed on day two

The most important thing you need to remember is “Not To Make Mothers Get Twitched Up”. Some doctors prefer to prescribe medication as mentioned above but by we must first reassure, offering support and encourage mothers to persevere because drugs do have side effects (Do No Harm).

The most important thing to remember is “Babies Love Bottle Feeding” and so you must avoid offering bottle but use small spoon (I often use 10 ml syringe) to feed babies. Always ask why this mother prefer breast feeding?

PS: I am sure the experts will criticise my observation: “Majority of mothers having problem with breast feeding are often advised, encouraged or pressurised to breast feed by midwives, breast feeding experts who are often single or not mothers with breast feeding experience.

Duty of doctor is “Do No Harm”, a postnatal lady has lots to take in, its only 2 days, so the mother must be calm and relaxed. It looks as if the pressure to breast feed is high. She must not stop putting the baby on her breast and must not give a bottle feed for baby to suck. Babies have to suck harder on breast than sucking on a bottle and so will not learn to suck well from breast.

I have for years advised to use a spoon or a 20 ml syringe (with no needle) to slowly introduce milk into the mouth. This helps to maintain nutrition and so give the baby a chance to learn to suck breast milk.

Maxalon is good but must be only used as the last resort. I hope this help

Francis, you are right. The most important point to take home is “Hypoglycaemia”. I have worked in very respected hospitals and neonatal units in UK. The main problem I encountered is midwives and nurses claiming to be “Breast feeding Specialist Nurse”.

I certainly do not know who and how they claim to be “Experts”. Most were single, majority were not mothers and had not breastfed, so it was difficult for me to do much because the nurses are more powerful in UK than any doctor. I simply cannot tell you how depressing it is to see innocent patients are made to suffer because these people in power are defending their profession. Because we could not see what is going on in UK hospitals and its un-ethical to support atrocities, we stopped working and moved to Germany.

These nurses would exert so much pressure and make mothers cry and get depressed. I have been called to resuscitate babies because they would become limp and doozy off (nuro-hypoglycemia). The depressing aspect of this is – babies who are jaundiced will get dehydrated and hypoglycaemic. This will increase the chances of bilirubin entering brain resulting in mild to severe “Kernicterus”. I am sure there are few thousands of babies all over the world with some mild forms of damage caused by ignorance and are labeled as “Developmental Delay” of unknown cause. I have followed up babies up to 3 years and know what happens but was unable to carry on follow up due to funding and lack of support from authorities.

No matter who you are (doctor, mother or some one interested in health), PLEASE make sure the babies do not drop the blood sugar at all cost. We know the damage that occurs even if it is clinically not obvious will result in long term problems for these babies.

I have explained the method to feed babies using a special spoon or a puppet. I have not only advised patients but also used this method to feed our daughter at home.

I find Karen Willcocks comment interesting. It looks as if she is confused, I don’t think doctors are. We all know how to stimulate milk production but there are numerous factors that has to be taken into account. The most important question you need to ask is the mother keen to breast feed? How do we know what she is thinking in her head? We call this insight, in other words you will never get better if you have made up your mind not to get better. I have seen this in children and its very true.

Its like saying you can only take horse to a pond but cannot make the horse drink water. Sp please understand there are good and bad things in medicine, the worst thing a doctor can do is to prescribe drugs. I have seen drugs claiming to be safe some 30 years turned out to be bad now and some drugs claiming to be waste of time are now back on the shelf. I would like to see your comments in, so that we can create the best answers to simple problem and educate one another. Thanks

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