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I saw a young a healthy boy aged 14 years on 16th December 1989 die that evening. He complained about tummy pain that morning. We could not record his blood pressure. Diagnosed as “Septic shock” I started treating him with powerful antibiotics. Unfortunately no antibiotic could stop the infection spreading all over the abdomen and his left leg. The cause of death was septic shock due to Staphylococcus Aureus.

This made me very worried and so started looking why babies in various Neonatal units in UK hospitals were getting MRSA infection. To tell you frankly, this was rampant but no one seem to be worried but pumped in antibiotics after antibiotics. The cause of infection I identified was associated with multiple attempts to insert cannula. Doctors and nurses were not cleaning the skin properly and not following the guidelines of infection control. I invented the spring loaded cannula to help reduce the number of attempts and also invented ET Tube holder to reduce endotracheal tube accidentally falling out and re-intubation.

The cannula companies felt the technique I invented will “De-Skill Doctors” and so did not produce the product. Since 1989, the infection has spread all over the world and now we have various organisms resistant to most antibiotics.

The only option I can think of is to avoid contact and visit to hospitals. This reduction of cross infection is mandatory. Please watch my videos and get educated. It is wiser to prevent this infections and not try to find a miracle cure we do not have.

In 2003, I raised concern about “Abusing Antibiotics” and allowing nurses to prescribe. This was not in the interest of the people in power and the nursing profession and so I have been harrased and victimised. I was getting very uncomfortable because the authoraties were forcing me to conceal the truth. Patients and children were getting very ill due to delay in diagnosing, using wrong antibiotics and so developing complication.

This I think is un-ethical and against my principle to support sub-standerd care offered by nurses and incompetent doctors working in the community. Please watch videos and think!!!

You can also see me intubate a baby (young man with beard) in the one of my videos (How infection spreads in the hospitals) and please leave a message and let your family and friends know all about infections and why they must try to keep away from hospitals and clinics.

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