In 2006, the UK Secretary of State for Health announced that healthcare professionals like nurses and pharmacists who are not clinically trained to examine and interpret test results would be allowed to diagnose illnesses and prescribe drugs. Ministers claimed this move would give patients quicker access to medicine. Unfortunately, this callous action has brought shame upon our fine profession.

We do not believe nor accept advice, diagnosis or treatment offered to us by professionals not qualifying as doctors from a recognised medical school and trained under supervision as junior doctors for five years in a hospital, so how can we accept you to be offered such a service? We have also seen how doctors and nurses offering healthcare based on algorithms and fixed protocols resulted in devastating consequence and so say this is not safe and is therefore an unethical medical practice.

The British General Medical Council (GMC) in UK, while claiming to protect patient care, has been unable to prevent the implementation of this unethical and unsafe system, which brings more shame upon our profession.

The GMC refused to define the word “Doctor” when asked to differentiate between Nurse Prescribers and Doctors. The GMC, for example, insists that doctors qualifying in India must pass the “Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB)” test to prove that they are qualified to provide safe and effective healthcare, however, a nurse who sat next to me as an observer was allowed to work independently nurse practitioners or prescribers and work as a doctor though he/she does not have the required qualification, licence, GMC registration or training under supervision as a junior doctor for five years in a hospital. This is insulting to medical school training in India and has brought disrepute to our profession.

Maya (Medical Advice You Access) was initially created to help receptionists and nurses working in nurse-led clinics, walk-in-clinics and emergency out-of-hours services to differentiate well from un-well patients.

Our mission was to help less experienced doctors and nurses to safely refer seriously un-well patients to a doctor or hospital and manage only minor illness in the community.


This is a common scenario that we are all  familiar with. Patients who consult are often confused, worried and suffer because no two doctors and now nurses are undermining your confidence. A patient presenting with fever, sore throat and ear pain will be diagnosed as viral URTI, Viral infection, sore throat, cold, flu like illness, tonsillitis, otitis media and may also be told they have chest infection, Invariably this patient will be prescribed antibiotics.

Doctors creating the database will be expected to be specific and offer the right treatment and so systemisation of care will be in the interest of patient care and so reduce wasted cost and antibiotic abuse.


Dr Maya is an app for patients to download, identify their doctors and use the App to find the relevant information and communicate with their chosen doctor. Dr Maya acts like a a junior doctors you encounter in a hospital. Dr Maya is the receptionist in healthcare centre, a Nurse who triage and also junior doctor in primary care or emergency room in a hospital.

Maya Dr is an app created for doctors. Registered doctor will be listed locally as a family physician, specialist or a alternative healthcare service provider. Users of Dr Maya will be able to identify registered doctors and or add the name and contact details of their own doctor. When a patient registers as a user of Dr Maya the app will collect information about the patient (name, age, address, name) exactly like a receptionist. After registration, you are expected to read the information, go through instructions and identify local doctor or add name, contact email and mobile telephone number. Our server will inform your doctors and also request them to download Maya Dr and register as a user.


The user of Dr Maya, once logged in and has completely setup the App, he or she will be allowed to choose three symptoms. The Dr Maya app will then advise the user whom they should consult: a pharmacist; “Ask a Nurse” (call 111 in the UK); contact a doctor (calls will be to the doctor you have named when you register); book an appointment (calls will be diverted to a booking system or will be linked to hospital computer system).

User can also read the information about each symptom and learn all about the illness and management. If the user reads and understands, we expect them not to waste time and speak to a doctor but if they wish they could. This service many not be free. The doctors who speak to you make specify the fee.


Based on what symptoms the patient has reported Dr Maya an also be referred to the relevant specialist (cardiology, neurology or orthopaedics etc). This will save doctors and medical staff money, time and help prevent infected (contagious) patients from visiting hospitals and spreading the infection other people and health staff. The app will also systemise care: the doctor who uses Maya Dr will have to specify a treatment.

The days of inventing names like cough, chest infection, flu like illness, tonsillitis, throat infections and viral illness and prescribing antibiotics will come to an end. The Maya app is a tool to standardise care, save money and reduce medical errors such as antibiotic abuse and cross-infections

When a patient registers as a user of Dr Maya, the app will ask them to name a doctor and enter their telephone number and email address. The app in your phone will contact your doctors first. Maya Dr does not initially ask for the patient’s symptoms, but provides a page where doctors can enter symptoms, choose a prioritising colour (for example, red for critical, yellow for mild, green for harmless) and enter additional information.

They can also enter their licence number and are then authorised send letters, prescriptions and medical notes. The patient can use their mobile or computer to also use Skype, or other system (Line, Messenger, etc.) to look at rashes, wounds or have a “face to face” consultation.

Registered doctors can define costs for consultations and get paid. Additionally, if a patient does not have a doctor while living in a foreign country they can choose a doctor from the Maya app and speak to a doctor in their home country. Thus providing effective, safe and accurate 2-way communication between patient and doctor in cyber space. Dr. Maya will monitor the symptoms a patient enters. If there are more than 3 people living in a youth hostel, for example, logging in and reporting three symptoms that are similar, then Dr. Maya will inform the patient’s doctor to check what is going on and so will be able to identify a spreading infection like SARS or Ebola before this can become a pandemic.

Maya Dr is designed to help doctors create their own Maya Dr network. Once a doctor has installed this simple app and registered themselves on the system, their name will appear in the list of doctors for that locale. Patients there can choose their own local doctor or register with a different doctor. Patients will be able to access a range of medical services provided by a Maya Dr doctor. Patients will be able to directly contact a Maya Dr doctor 24/7, 365 days a year. They will be able to talk directly via telephone or Internet media, send and receive letters or prescriptions and book appointments.

Doctors can offer video consultation, share notes via email & text message and also send prescriptions via email. They can forward referral letters, sick notes and also search for information using the Internet while consulting with a patient.

This app will help to prevent the spread of dangerously contagious diseases among patients. Patients suffering from serious infections such as chicken pox, MRSA, flu, Ebola and other emerging infections, can quickly be identified and the patients isolated or advised to visit a health centre or hospital thus helping to stop epidemics and pandemics.

Maya-LA registered Maya Dr doctor can list symptoms, add information, videos, pictures and personal video messages that patients can watch. A Maya Dr doctor can create a database in their own language, add telephone numbers of pharmacies, emergency services and other doctors working in hospitals or Health Centres in their area.

Please advise your patients to download Dr Maya, register, log in and choose you as their doctor. Once they are registered, they will be able to enter three symptoms, get your advice and communicate with you as required.

This simple tool was created by a doctor with the passion to help other doctors offer their services to protect their fellow human-beings and alleviate pain and suffering all over the world. 7i Med Ltd. will soon also offer a service where doctors are listed as specialist private doctors who will be able to offer telephone consultations for a nominal fee. Hospitals, airlines, Healthcare Service providers, embassies and professional healthcarers can create their own portal and offer services to registered patients.

7i Med Ltd. provide Maya Dr (for doctors) and Dr. Maya (for patients) as an integrated and innovative solution to accurately identify infected patients and quickly recommend isolation and treatment. This will protect healthcare workers and humanity in general.

X-Maya Dr App For doctors


SARS and Ebola epidemic has made us learn more about spreading infections that kill 70%-80% of patients and threaten medical profession. We hope Airline and Travel operators will use our Apps to screen patients before they board flight. This is very important to help identify infected individual and prevent passengers and also countries getting infections.


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