Your Life In Your Hand

How can this be true? “My life in my Hand”, certainly a BIG “YES”, “YOUR LIFE  is in YOUR hands”

To answer this simple question, first we must understand what is life? what is that we need and the ways to get what we need..

Please watch this video I produced and published in youtube when I was in India. The reason I produced this short film is highlight a simple problem and educate people like you understand what my work is all about and how you can share the information with family and friends, so that you are protected.

“Mother Of Innovation” is “Necessity” 

When Dr Sullman, junior doctor in the early 1990s administer an injection vincristine. mistakenly injected the drug into the boy’s spine in error, rather than intravenously and, as a result, the boy later died in hospital, I was shocked. Unfortunately, the two junior doctors were convicted of manslaughter, and given a suspended sentence. Then the sentence overturned by blaming organisational error. The court was told, by solicitors defending the doctor working in th NHS (National Health Service) that vital information on administering the drug went missing and a the consultant incharge was not available to supervise the procedure.

In 1996, 46 deaths due to adverse drug reaction or error in prescribing were identified from 3277 deaths came to inquest in 1986-91. This was said to be 1 in 2000 of all death. The number must have sky rocketed because I was told more people die needlessly each year due to medical errors in hospitals than on the road due to accidents. To tell you frankly, this sad situation Dr Sullman was in has escalated to catastrophic proportion, but no one dare come forward to tell the world what and why this is happening.

The stories you read about NHS and healthcare providers in the media are all what people hear and see from outside and are also biased and censored. Only good clinicians with the knowledge and long standing experience knows what is actually going on in this profession.  You will never get to hear the truth about what goes on inside a “Doctors Consultation Room”. Mistakes are committed by members of my profession working in hospitals, clinics all over the world but no one will know or blame the doctors or nurses because they get away by telling you one simple lie “Sorry, he was very, very ill or serious and so there is nothing we could have done to help save his life“.

I spent the last six months travelling, meeting people, discussing about antibiotics, bacteria, hospitals, clinics and how people like you and I are managed by healthcare professionals. I was literally shocked, horrified and so now more determined to move forward because its not only nurses working as doctors in the NHS but also doctors who have lost their morality and do not believe in medical ethical.

This so called “Un-Ethical” medical practice has escalated to biblical proportion, I do not think a single doctors can continue to fight any more. Medical error in diagnosis, offering treatment and people developing complications and even death is happening ever second some where in the world and no one other than the “Bacteria, Viruses and Fungus can stop this “Licensed To Kill Profession”.

our doctors tomorrowThe problem has occurred because the NHS (institution), the GMC (General Medical Council) the governing body, British Medical Association, The World Medical Associations, Royal Colleges and  and people in power like The Health Secretaries” are all caught-up in a mesh and probably struggling to accept the glorious days of this so called “Nobel Profession” is over.

Dr Sullman had never spoken about his experience publicly until a recent healthcare conference, but he believes that traditional medical training was partly to blame.

How right he is and as he said, things have gone from bad to worse in the NHS and its all because the medical school educations and training is not how it used to be. As I anticipated in 1996 and wrote

Healthcare has become the major industry that fuel the economy of institution, state, country and the world. I think the economy of the world will collapse once this industry stops working.

Please register, spread the message and join us. I will be publishing article and going through the history of medicine until my case against “The Health Secretary Of State” comes to hearing in the High Court in London. 


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